Robert L. Chapman: “Roget,s International Thesaurus “

American best selling Thesaurus…Classic and still the best

  • Expanded and updated: It contains 256,000 synonyms and related words___at least 100,000 more than any other English language thesaurus.
  • Easy to use: An alphabetic index facilitates  quick and accurate word finding. There are no complicated cross-references or subentries requiring needless page turning.
  • Broader in scope: It contains slang, informal and foreign words and phrases, scientific terms, and list not found in other thesauri.
  • Useful usage guidance: Most commonly used words or phrases for a concept are shown in boldface.

Soft cover: 1317 pages
Publisher: Harper Collins
Language : English
Dimensi: 23 X 18.5 X 5 cm
Shipping weight: 1,6 kg
Book condition:GOOD: Very minimal damage to the cover (no holes or tears, only minimal scuff marks), dust jacket not necessarily included, minimal wear to binding, majority of pages undamaged (minimal creases or tears), highlighting/underlining acceptable on textbooks as long as text is readable and it is not an excessive amount, no missing pages. May be ex-library with usual treatments; if so, the book will be noted as such in the comments.

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